Cidrak’s Tomb

Development continues on the Island of Gadri (the “good” aligned character starting area).  The island consists of a large wilderness area for characters to explore from level one to level three.  It has a village with several shops as well as a small camp and a large crypt.  It introduces players to the mechanics of the game and gives their characters a relatively safe place to learn the ropes.

dyso2_cidrak_skeleton_heroAn evil presence has appeared within the crypt on the Eastern side of the island.  There are rumors of necromancy or worse and the undead have begun appearing in the cemetery surrounding the tomb…

Enter our first dungeon, Cidrak’s Tomb, a large and complex series of passageways and chambers housing fallen warriors of a past battle fought on the island.  The tomb is restricted to character levels two through five and will likely take a well prepared party of level five characters to fully complete it.  It is, of course, full of traps, locked doors, hidden passages, powerful creatures, and treasure.  This dungeon will take an average party of adventurers several return visits to fully explore.

Several initial runs through the “uninhabited” dungeon have been made by the internal team and layout balances and tweaks are in place.  We’ve now begun populating the dungeon with several “mini” bosses (there are 7 planned mini bosses) and balancing will begin on those over the next few days.  Once balancing is complete the remainder of the dungeon inhabitants will be added and full dungeon play throughs and balancing will begin.

You can read more about dungeons here.

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