Experience (XP)

The Experience point system in Dysotopia has been altered and is a “share” based system.  All members of the party are given shares based on their hit dice and the experience points are distributed to members based on their total number of shares.


The Old Way

In the default XP system, every character in a party receives equal shares of experience which allows a powerful character to “power level” lower level characters unfairly.  For example, a level 28 character and a level 1 character visit an epic dungeon and the level 28 character slaughters a level 25 creature.  The 2000 experience points would be equally divided between the two party members and the level 1 character would gain 1000 experience points (instantly leveling them up).


The New Way

If we use the same scenario in Dysotopia, before XP is distributed, each character is given a number of “shares” based on their hit dice (including any familiars, summons, companions, etc).  In our example above the total party shares would be 28 + 1 = 29 shares.  The level 28 character would receive 28 out of the 29 shares of the experience points (28/29 * 2000 = 1931 XP) and the level 1 character would receive 1 share of the 29 total (1/29 * 2000 = 69 XP).

As you can see this encourages characters to venture forth with other characters within their level range if they are looking for experience gains.  Loot, of course, can still be acquired by hiring a high level companion to escort you to dangerous places.



The world alignment can grant characters an additional experience point bonus of up to 10% when their faction’s influence is prominent in the land.  If you have an “evil” character and the world is “evil”, you will receive a bonus to your experience point gains.



Experience points cannot be gained from creatures that do not pose a challenge to you.  This is essential creatures three or more levels lower than your character.  This discourages characters from killing creatures in areas that they are too high level for (leaving those areas for characters of the appropriate level).

“You cannot gain experience from creatures 3 or more levels lower than you.”

There are also artificial intelligence enhancements to creatures to discourage them from engaging in combat with overpowering foes which will allow higher level characters the ability to roam in lower level areas without being constantly attacked by weak opponents.