Rogues in Dysotopia are offered a variety of content to keep them busy and (hopefully) out of trouble with other players.  From randomly locked chests and doors to NPCs carrying loot for those with a quick hand, we hope our rogue population will thrive and positively contribute to the game experience.

Keep in mind that you are playing a character in a persistent world and anything you do may permanently affect your experience in the world.



Breaking and Entering

There are two main types of locked objects that adventurers will encounter in Dysotopia, the first of these is locked doors.  Locked doors often hide secret places inaccessible to non-rogue characters.  Some doors have a random chance to be locked with a random difficulty (such as doors in a dungeon) and others may always be locked (such as a bedroom in a home).  Rogues will have the opportunity to contribute to parties and make passage through dungeons less complicated by unlocking shortcuts and giving parties access to extra areas which they may not be able to explore without a rogue.  Rogues may also be able to access “rogue-only” areas such as store rooms, living quarters, etc that may contain new challenges and the possibility for additional spoils.

Some locks can be broken but only by the strongest of players.

Treasure Chest

The other major type of locks encountered will be those on containers (treasure chests, etc).  Treasure chests are one of the better sources of loot in the world and having a character in your party that can help you access these treasures is invaluable.  Just as with doors, rogues can assist parties in gaining access to additional treasures in dungeons and throughout the world.



Like locks, traps of various difficulties/powers can be found randomly on objects throughout the world.  These are often found on containers/chests as well as on doors.  These traps can be deadly to unsuspecting adventurers and it is always wise to approach every door or chest with caution.  This constant deadly threat is another feature of Dysotopia that makes the abilities of rogues very welcome in parties as they open up opportunities for groups of adventurers to more safely traverse the hidden dangers of the world.

When a party agrees that placing traps is a tactic they wish to use against non-player characters in a dungeon is acceptable use of traps.  You should warn unsuspecting adventurers of your traps and before you leave an area, remove any traps you may have places to leave that area safe for other players.

Maliciously placing traps with the intent of griefing, harming, killing, harassing, etc other characters will not be tolerated and is against the rules and appropriate action will be taken if these rules are violated.



In the same fashion that creatures drop loot and containers contain loot, there are strategically placed NPCs throughout the world who exist solely for the purposes of pick-pocketing.  These NPCs will carry loot with them and give players the opportunity to ear a little extra loot should they invest in pick pocketing skills.  Be careful, however, while the loot gained from these NPCs scales with their challenge ratings, so does their ability to detect thievery.

NPCs who catch you pick-pocketing will take one of several actions, they may simply get ad and yell at you publicly, they may call for guards (in civilized areas) who will either charge you a fine or throw you in prison), or they may outright attempt to kill you in some areas.  This mechanic gives you nimble fingered characters some additional risk/reward content to keep you busy and hone your skills.

Pick-pocketing players is not allowed in Dysotopia and is against the rules.



In addition to pick-pocketable NPCs there will also be locations where rogues can pick up special quests asking them to assassinate a specific NPC.  These types of quests may only be taken once in a while and offer lucrative gold rewards.

At some point in the future when PVP is supported it may be possible to place a bounty on another player character and execute these contracts as an assassin.

Currently, assassination of other characters is against the rules.

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