Creature Spawning

The world of Dysotopia is vast and full of creatures.  Creatures are spawned (not triggered) and the world is an ever populated place at any given time.  This provides a more immersive experience for adventurers as they travel the lands from shore to shore.


Spawn Camping

The creature spawning system is designed to keep characters on the move and to prevent excessive “spawn camping”.  Creatures will not spawn when players are within a certain distance from a spawn point.  They are also often on a “random chance” of spawning every so often making an encounter with any specific creature a random chance.

This also has an added effect of keeping characters safe…it is possible to “clear a room” and not worry about creatures spawning on top of your party while you are dividing up loot or resting.


Spawn Tables

Spawn points are typically give a spawn table which contains the list of creatures and their configurations (loot, enchantments, etc) to spawn from.  This keeps the world very dynamic in that you may visit a graveyard and the only guarantee you have is that there may be some undead creatures there.  You won’t know what kind, how many, if any are enchanted, if there is a boss, what loot they may drop.



Creatures also leave loot-able corpses (instead of lame looking loot bags).  This adds to the ambiance of battle when you see corpses strewn upon the ground.  Corpses are automatically cleaned up by the garbage collection system.

Corpses Galore!


Enchanted Creatures

dyso2_gadri_named_mobCertain creatures may spawn with additional magical properties such as added fire damage or perhaps they have more hit points than normal.  These “named” creatures will have prefixes or suffixes to their name giving characters a brief description of their properties.  For example, you may be hunting in a graveyard encountering lots of Skeletons and by chance could encounter a “Burning Skeleton of Resilience” which does additional fire damage and is resistant to turning.

Enchanted creatures offer random and unique challenges to characters and may force them to change up their strategies on-the-fly but they also typically offer higher loot drop rates and are worth the extra challenge.