Camping Under the Stars

The rest system has been slightly modified to create some additional challenges specifically for spell casters.  The system was implemented to prevent the situation where a player memorizes a myriad of spells, unleashes epic magic upon their foes and exhausts their spell supply, then rests for 5 seconds only to repeat this process over and over.

One of the great satisfactions of a great magic user is their ability to not only memorize appropriate spells in the correct quantities but to also use them appropriately and when necessary without overkilling their opponents.  The rest system in Dysotopia aims to give magic users more dynamic play aside from the “cast/rest” loop.


Waiting Period

“You may rest again in 60 second(s)”

There is an enforced waiting period between resting that prevents characters from resting as often as they like.  At level 1 this delay is 60 real-time seconds (90 seconds for elves) and it gradually increases as the character gains levels.  At level 20 the resting delay is a full 300 seconds.  At higher levels, magic users should have an ample supply of spells to survive the waiting period while still being encouraged to select and use spells wisely.




In addition to the waiting period, most races require the presence of a campfire in order to rest under certain conditions.  Generally speaking, when players are in the wilderness during the night a campfire is required.  Certain races and classes have exceptions to these rules:

  • Elves do not require a campfire at any time to “meditate” (elves don’t really “sleep”)
    • Elves incur a 30 second longer base resting period, however
  • Druids do not require a campfire when in outdoor wilderness areas
  • Campfires are not required during the day
  • Campfires are not required in manmade indoor areas

Campfires can be created by using firewood.  Firewood can be obtained for free in most civilized areas by using log piles.  There are also plans to allow players to obtain firewood using other means such as gathering it from trees, etc.


Tend to your Campfires

Campfires will burn for several (3) in-game hours (about 15 real minutes) for every bundle of firewood placed on them.  When using a bundle of firewood near an existing campfire, the wood will be placed on that fire in turn extending the life of the fire.  If firewood is not available to extend the life of your campfire you can interact with a dwindling fire and extend it’s life.  As long as your fire is well tended it will last you through a long night of adventuring.