Cidrak’s Tomb

Development continues on the Island of Gadri (the “good” aligned character starting area).  The island consists of a large wilderness area for characters to explore from level one to level three.  It has a village with several shops as well as a small camp and a large crypt.  It introduces players to the mechanics of the game and gives their characters a relatively safe place to learn the ropes.

dyso2_cidrak_skeleton_heroAn evil presence has appeared within the crypt on the Eastern side of the island.  There are rumors of necromancy or worse and the undead have begun appearing in the cemetery surrounding the tomb…

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Email Subscriptions

Due to the increased volume of user registrations to the site we’ve gone ahead and added the ability for registered users to subscribe to news and announcements via email.

If you have already registered on the site you have been automatically enrolled to receive development email notifications as they are posted. Registered users You can manage your subscriptions at anytime by logging into the site and editing your profile (the upper right corner).

Sneak Thief

We’ve been busy this week but most of the development has been some re-factoring  and consolidation of development and administration tools in game.  Some cool stuff came from this such as the ability for temporary two-way portals to be opened (which can be used by anyone or can be alignment restricted/etc) to name one.

Breaking and Entering

Aside from the non-shiny work that’s been done I wanted to point out that a section related to rogues has been added to the site to provide players with some idea of how we view rogues.  They can often be a nuisance in persistent worlds (usually if they don’t have enough to keep them out of trouble) and we want to make every effort to provide adequate content for rogues.

There have also been a few more additions to the media gallery.  More will be coming as content is generated.