The following rules are in place to help every player enjoy their experience on Dysotopia.

Failure to follow the rules will result in severe punishment including removal of your character or permanent banning.



Use common sense and don’t do anything to another player that you would not like to have done to yourself.  Do not harass other characters or players.

Don’t exploit or cheat!  Exploits exist and take a lot of effort to “fix” and we’d rather spend our time bringing new world content to players than preventing cheaters.  If you’re caught exploiting or cheating your character may be deleted.  Just don’t do it.


Player versus Player (PVP)

PVP is currently not allowed in Dysotopia and will not be supported until time can be spent writing code to enforce PVP rules.  If you’re interested in PVP’ing there are plenty of other worlds out there for you to take part in.  Even through we do not support it, here are some rules that we plan on implementing when the time comes:

  • No killing players who are not willing to PVP you back
    • We plan on allowing players the ability to switch PVP on/off specifically for the purposes of role playing.
    • We may also allow players to target other players who they are willingly entering into PVP with (a duel, for example).
    • Attacking players who are not PVP enabled will warn the attacker that the player is not PVP enabled and will not bring any harm to the victim
  • Open PVP areas will be available where larger numbers of players can compete for control of certain resources.
    • Entering these areas subjects characters to full PVP rules
  • A Bounty system may be added allowing characters to set a price on the head of other characters they feel wronged by.
    • Assassins will be able to (through underground resources) acquire bounties on these characters and they will be PVP-able at will
  • No trap placing will be tolerated if it results in harm to unsuspecting players.  Examples of this include trapping the door to a shop or a treasure chest in a low level area with the intent to maim or kill other characters.


Theft (Pick-pocketing/Disarming)

Stealing items from other players will never be allowed in Dysotopia.  There will be plenty of NPCs available for thieves to pickpocket (similar to respawning chests) which will allow them to benefit from that unique skill set.

When an item is stolen from another player the thief will be warned and the item will be returned to the victim.  Repeated offenses may land an offending character in prison (or worse).


Role Playing (RP)

Role playing is allowed but not required in Dysotopia.  The purpose of Dysotopia is to provide a dynamic, living world for players to inhabit how they deem fit and there are plenty of opportunities for role playing across the lands.

If you come across a group of role players and you are not interested in RP, simply tell them so.  If you’re a role player and you come across a character who isn’t interested in RP, go find someone who is.



Whenever possible you should refrain from using the shout channel.  Here are some examples of what belong in shout:

Good Uses of Shout

  • Level 3 sorcerer looking for party in Cedrik’s Tomb
  • My character is stuck, are there any DM’s on who can help me?
  • I’m new here, can anyone show me the ropes?

Don’t Be That Guy

  • WTS wizard’s gold ring of spellcraft, PST!
  • This server sucks, the developers should all die.
  • <Some Character Name> is a jerk, don’t party with them!
  • Come and play on my server:


Profanity & Vulgar Language

It doesn’t belong here.  Period.  If you want to talk dirty or cuss up a storm you can do so someplace else.  This is a family friendly server and if your behavior is not family friendly you will be asked to straighten up or leave.