Pawn Shops

Ever visit a shop and find that it is full of random garbage that pack rat players sold off for a coin here or there?  Ever wonder if someone sold something as “shop food” that you could have used?  Ever been that person that fed the shop wondering if another character might have paid you more for it?  Are you too busy experiencing game content to bother with an auction house to try to get your money’s worth out of items you don’t need?

Pawn Broker


Why Pawn Shops?

Standard shops in Dysotopia will not buy good from adventurers.  I mean, you don’t walk into your local grocer and sell them a pair of shoes you don’t need anymore do you?  It’s a modern concept but the idea of resale shops have been introduced to the game as pawn shops.


Better Prices

Pawn shops will pay a higher percentage for items sold to them and will turn around and sell those items for less than you can find them in a standard shop since they are considered to be “used”.



Pawn shops often have a cap on what they will pay for items which is relatively decent for the level of characters they interact with the most.  This is to discourage players from selling high level loot to lower level pawn shops.

Most shops will only keep items worth a certain value in their shop as well.  For example, if you sell a pair of plain boots for 1g to a pawn shop, that shop keeper will not offer that “mundane” item to other players.  Also, if you sell a powerful weapon to a pawn shop in a startup village, that shop keeper will not try to resell it to the low level population since they likely can’t afford or use the item.

If you’re looking for good deals on used items you should check a pawn shop in a city near your level.  The same is true when selling items.