Deities & Faith

There is an enhances deity and faith system provided in the world of Dysotopia to enhance immersion and provide benefits to those faithful to the gods.

Regardless of the deity chosen at character creation, all citizens of Dysotopia start off without a deity.  To follow a deity, characters must travel the world and seek out temples with priests of their desired deity.  Each priest will provide information to characters about the faith and, if applicable, will offer the player a chance to follow that deity.


Ring of Prayer

Ring of Prayer

At creation, characters are given a “ring of prayer” which allows them to pray to their deity.  In return they may receive powerful deity specific blessings which can turn a situation in their favor.  The higher the character faith in their deity, the more often their prayers may be answered.

Players must wear their ring of prayer at all times or they run the risk of losing faith in their deity over time.


Supported Deities

A full list of supported deities, their locations, and their requirements will be added at a later date.