Alignment (Good/Neutral/Evil)

One of the most noticeable differences between Dysotopia 2 and traditional DnD rules is that we have changed the purpose of good/evil alignments.


World Alignment

The world itself has an alignment which can be changed by the actions of the population.  If a multitude of good deeds are done, the world as a whole will become “good”, and in contrast, if there is evil in the hearts of the inhabitants then the world will become more “evil”.

“Your actions have shifted the alignment of the world 1 point(s) towards evil.”

The state of the world’s alignment has an effect on everything within including what creatures appear in which areas, who has access to what content, the amount of experience gained by a particular faction, etc.


Good Versus Evil

The good and evil factions are in a constant struggle for power in the world as whichever faction controls the world gains access to special dungeons and content available only to those in power.  There is hope for balance, however…


The Role of Neutrals

The neutral faction is in a unique position as they are always striving for a balanced world.  If the world becomes an evil place, it is their calling to fight back the rising presence of evil doers and bring the world back into balance.  If the world becomes too “good” their role will shift as they counteract those spreading goodness throughout the world to bring things back into balance.

Playing a neutral character has many advantages such that you have the opportunity to experience all of the game content from both a “good” and “evil” perspective (depending on the world alignment at any given moment).  It also has many challenges since if you are not constantly striving to maintain balance in the world you may find yourself siding with good or evil.


No Decision Is Final

As with traditional DnD your alignment isn’t fixed which means your faction isn’t fixed.  If you start out as an evil character and decide you disagree with the evildoers of the world it is possible (over time) to alter your character’s alignment (through actions) and work your way towards neutrality and eventually good.  Your character’s faction will adjust according to their actions.