Magicians Workbench

Dysotopia uses the built in NWN2 crafting system.  There are plans to enhance crafting and the following list contains the proposed changes to the default crafting system:


  • Implement default crafting (complete)
  • Add the Complete Craftsman enhancements (complete)
  • Fix issues with broken Complete Craftsman recipes
  • Make crafting stations “persistent world” friendly so they can be used by multiple characters at the same with without the risk of material theft
  • Add additional recipes, specifically enchantments, to further increase the diversity of available items in the world

Since crafting is reserved for higher level characters (due to the feat/skill requirements) not much attention will be given to it until there is adequate content of that level implemented.


Crafting Recipes

A list of common crafting recipes will be available once it is closer to final.  Crafting recipes will also be available to characters in game through various parchments, scrolls, books, and NPCs.